Air Handler Options

Trane continually invests in air handler research and development of new products to adapt the changing needs of today's HVAC market. Our focus on whole systems has led to the design of many custom options that can be incorporated into standard cataloged air handler, providing a more cost effective solution than a completely custom-built unit.

These custom-engineered air handler solutions are offered as offered as factory-packaged specials that deliver Trane quality, enable simplified on-site installation, and provide proven, tested performance. The air handler solutions address such issues as humidity control, energy recovery, special acoustical needs, air filtration and the use of optional fuel sources.

  • CDQ™ Desiccant Dehumidification

      Trane introduces CDQ™ (Cool, Dry, Quiet) - the latest technology in desiccant dehumidification. This new desiccant dehumidification product is ideal for facilities requiring lower dew-point settings and can increase cooling coil capacity by 20 to 300 percent. Chilled water temperature can be set higher, saving energy-plus there's no need for reheat or exhaust air.

      It is a well know fact standard air conditioner coils have limited dehumidification capacity. The air dewpoint can not be lower than the coil temperature. This is the dewpoint barrier. The new Trane CDQ unit breaks this dewpoint barrier by using an innovative new technology - the Trane CDQ wheel. Add this wheel to a standard or custom unit and watch it transfer water from the supply air to the return air or mixed air. Result: the cooling coil removes more water - up to 200 percent more water per hour!

      A CDQ system allows for:

      • Air as dry as 30 grains per pound
      • Up to 10dB attenuation in every octave band
      • Increased cooling coil latent (dehumidification) capacity
      • Decreased need for reheat
      • Lower unit-cooling sensible heat ratios
      • Warmer chilled-water temperatures
      • Decreased required cooling capacity when dehumidifying
      • No need for exhaust air as a requirement
      • Improved energy efficiency for dehumidification


  • Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS)

      To address the air cleaning aspect of IAQ, Trane developed a hybrid air cleaning system called the Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) which utilizes multiple technologies to control particulate (dust) along with gaseous airborne contaminants that can cause odors.

      Achieving good indoor air quality requires consideration of the entire conditioned air system. Energy consumption also plays a part in the equation.

      Trane Catalytic Air Cleaners use a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process that uses a titanium dioxide treated media activated by UV-C energy to create a hydroxyl field that can oxidize and reduce microorganisms to a non-viable state. This technology can also be effective on converting some VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to a less harmful product. The process is analogous to the effect a catalytic converter has on the exhaust gases from gasoline powered automobiles.

      Bottom line: Trane Catalytic Air Cleaners, in combination with traditional particulate filtration, can provide improved indoor air quality without the potential high pressure drop and motor horsepower penalties of other air cleaning options like activated carbon filtration.

      Trane Catalytic Air Cleaners are available in a variety of configurations:

      • Factory-engineered and installed on new Trane cataloged and custom air handlers
      • A retrofit module designed to upgrade existing air handling systems
      • Curb-mounted for use with small to medium-sized packaged rooftop equipment
      • Portable and duct-mounted versions available from Trane Parts Centers

      Additional information:

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