IntelliPak™ I Rooftops

20 to 130 Tons

Innovative technology and an impressive lineup of features make the Trane IntelliPak Rooftop line the number one choice for today and the future.The Trane rooftop Unit Control Module (UCM), an innovative, modular microprocessor control design, coordinates the actions of the IntelliPak rooftop in an efficient manner and allows for stand-alone operation of the unit. Access to the rooftop unit controls, via a Human Interface Panel, provides a high degree of control, superior monitoring capability, and unmatched diagnostic information.

Optionally, for centralized building control on-site, or from a remote location, IntelliPak can be configured for direct communication with a Trane Tracer™ building management system or a 3rd party LonTalk® or BACnet building management system, using a twisted pair of wires. With a Trane rooftop unit, the IntelliPak status data and control adjustment features can be conveniently monitored from a central location. IntelliPak has the technology and flexibility to bring total comfort to every building space with industry-leading efficiency and low cost of ownership. Find out more here.

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