Rental for Healthcare

Hygienic, comfortable and safe healing environments

The highest standards of heating, cooling and air quality are needed in a healthcare environment. Each department has to meet stringent objectives for infection control and disease management, as well as for patient and staff comfort.

Trane Rental expertise for healthcare

Where planned shutdowns or emergencies occur, Trane Rental Services have the expertise and equipment to substantially mitigate risk to patients and staff. Trane delivers reliable and cost-effective rental solutions for healthcare facilities with varying levels of design complexity to help you sustain the HVAC capacity you need.  

  • Meet objectives for infection control and disease management as well as patient and staff comfort
  • Control temperature, humidity and sterile filtration
  • Patients recover faster in correctly controlled ambient environments
  • Risk mitigation during planned shutdowns or emergencies
  • Reliable and cost-effective rental solutions
  • Varying levels of design
  • In-depth assessment of your requirements
  • Seamless integration of rental units into your operation

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