Rental for the Plastics Industry

Cooling and heat extraction

Cooling and heat extraction are extremely critical in your industry. Cooling is essential for production machinery and to reduce cycle times. Liquefied thermoplastic materials (polypropylene, nylon and PET) require cooling to solidify them.

On the other hand, considerable amounts of heat need to be extracted from the material and from production machinery, such as for cooling the water used to solidify hot extruded plastic.

Any disruption of the cooling process is likely to have a significant impact on its reliability and efficiency, resulting in reduction losses and poor product quality.

Trane Rental expertise for the plastics industry

When planned shutdowns, emergencies or production peaks occur, Trane Rental Services have the expertise and equipment to substantially mitigate risk to plastic production:

  • Trane delivers reliable and cost-effective rental solutions for plastic facilities varying levels of design complexity to help you sustain the HVAC capacity you need.
  • Trane engineers will work with your operations team to perform an in-depth assessment of your requirements.
  • The delivery and installation of rental units are scheduled to integrate seamlessly into your operation.

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