Rental for Tire Industry

Tire industry cooling needs

Tire assembly consists of numerous components that are built up together and cured under heat and pressure. Temperature control at each step of compounding, component preparation, tire building, curing and final finish test process will ensure quality and reliability of the tire. As the plant operations aim for more efficient and effective processes to gain productivity, it is critical to have a reliable and uninterrupted source of chilled water supply. Apart from emergencies, temporary cooling needs arise in cases of plant capacity expansion and meeting peak seasonal demands. Having a trusted partner to provide fast and robust solutions during such needs will minimize downtime, reduce the risk of financial loss and disruption to production.

A tailored solution to match your process application

  • Trane engineers will work with your operations team to perform an in-depth assessement of your cooling requirements.
  • The equipment is carefully selected to match the cooling capacity needed to support your process.
  • The delivery and installation of all rental units are scheduled to integrate seamlessly into your annual production plan.

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