Trane and GE Intelligent Platforms collaborate to improve operational, energy and environmental performance in Data Centers.

GE and Trane have combined expertise to offer a new solution called Tracer™ XT that combines industry-leading Trane Tracer building automation systems and GE’s Proficy® ecomagination-qualified software technology for visualization, advanced analysis and modeling, remote monitoring and diagnostics.

It is an industrial market focused HMI/SCADA control platform. Users stream real-time analytics through the Tracer XT dashboard, providing data center managers a more comprehensive view of facility operations. With easy-to-manage data integrating HVAC, power, lighting, safety and more, facility managers can now optimize building performance and enhance business results.

  • Web-based interface
  • Scalable solutions
  • Tracer XT connects to and interacts with enterprise-wide, real-time and historical data through OPC servers and native device communication drivers
  • Visualize, annotate and analyze process data
      • Trend charts, dials, gauges and data links visualize data in context
  • Drill into detail data
      • Zoom and drill into data for root/cause analysis and annotate reasons
  • System Redundancy capability
  • Graphical presentation of data