Tracer™ ES

When you’ve got multiple buildings with diverse comfort and energy management needs, Trane Tracer™ ES system provides a flexible and precise range of different systems to meet a variety of requirements.

Tracer ES is a web-based systems integration solution that gives facility managers an online, enterprise-wide view of all their buildings and systems, from any PC on the network. Tracer ES is fully customizable, easy to install and lets users perform daily operations such as online scheduling, alarm management, troubleshooting, status updates and data analysis.

Tracer ES can help educational, healthcare, government and retail organizations create healthier, more comfortable environments for their occupants – while allowing management to make better operational decisions to reduce energy usage and maintenance expenses.

Tracer™ ES Express

The Tracer ES Express bundle utilizes the existing Tracer ES software and "bundles" it together with a free version of the Microsoft SQL Express database software on a qualified Dell Server. The Tracer ES Express bundle is a streamlined, cost effective web solution, targeted for smaller customers who have a new or existing Tracer Summit system that would like to have web-based building automation system. From a legacy product standpoint, the Tracer ES Express bundle replaces the obsolete Tracer Summit WebOPS product.