Architectural Software & Tools

Trane has an array of design and analysis resources to help architects address the everyday challenge of designing aesthetic, comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable buildings.


TRACE™ 700

As the green building movement continues to advance, today’s building energy modeling software tools need to keep up with the pace. TRACE™ can help designers from concept and design through construction. This building energy and economic analysis program offers complete load, system, energy and economic analysis. Learn how TRACE™ 700 can help with green design with enhanced LEED® features

System Analyzer™

A comparative analysis tool for preliminary evaluations of HVAC systems based on energy and economic performance. Use it to quickly evaluate virtually any combination of air distribution systems and cooling/heating equipment for a specific building type and weather location. Learn more about System Analyzer and how it quickly demonstrates benefits of prospective system designs



EarthWise Systems™

EarthWise Systems™ use state-of-the-art Trane products, systems and controls to optimize performance. This includes the ability to balance installed cost and operating cost while improving comfort, indoor air quality, and acoustics. Learn more about how EarthWise Systems provide high efficiency/low emissions performance over the entire lifetime of building



Comprehensive Acoustical Analysis

Acoustic levels can be a key element of indoor environment quality, where building occupants are comfortable and productive Learn about acoustical considerations for high performance building design



Design, analysis and system selection are critical elements of high performance building design. Trane understands that keeping up with the latest technologies is challenging work. Learn more about software training sessions



Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Trane BIM objects reflect the engineer’s exact specifications and are embedded with critical information, including performance data unique to each product configuration. This saves time and helps you create a more accurate and exacting design. Learn more about Trane portfolio of highly configurable BIM objects


Advanced Energy Design Guides

Created through the collaboration of ASHRAE, AIA, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and the USGBC, with support from the DOE these guides provide designers the tools needed for achieving a 30% energy savings compared to buildings that meet the minimum requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-1999.

Download for free from ASHRAE

Trane's K-12 Systems Portfolio tool offers recommendations on systems that either meet or exceed Advanced Energy Guide requirements, and provides detailed strategies to help earn up to 56 LEED® for Schools points.