Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Sustainable buildings are more than a trend. For many commercial real estate owners, new regulations and rising costs are raising energy efficiency projects to a higher priority.

Trane professionals are collaborating with building owners and managers globally. We’re contributing our expertise in energy-efficient HVAC equipment and system design to help address energy and environmental challenges.

  • Reduce energy usage and cost

  • Reduce carbon emissions generated by local power plants

  • Address current and emerging regulatory issues









Ask the Experts

Trane has been a leader in innovative, efficient comfort solutions for 100 years. Today’s products and services are based on industry-leading engineering and expertise.

Building owners can seek support from their Trane team for benchmarking assistance using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. Over 700 Trane employees have been certified as LEED accredited professionals, and they are available to provide expertise to customers seeking LEED building certification.

Earth-Friendly System Design

Using a best-practice “holistic” system design concept, Trane achieves superior environmental performance that is documented and sustainable. EarthWise™ systems provide higher efficiency and lower emissions by considering the integrated effects of energy-efficient equipment and optimized controls applications.

Cost effective. EarthWise systems—such as the EarthWise Intelligent Variable Air System—offer first-cost advantages and lifecycle cost savings. Building owners benefit from HVAC performance that is 20 to 30 percent more efficient than traditionally designed systems.


Maintain Control Over Energy Use

Once desired efficiency levels have been achieved, web-based Tracer™ building automation systems make it easier for building managers to sustain the benefits. Featuring the industry’s most intuitive user interface, Tracer controls simplify system operation. Built-in features, such as temporary override, help ensure that building systems always run at optimal settings. The Tracer™ BAS Operator Suite mobile app provides on-the-go access to monitor and manage building controls using a smartphone or tablet. 

Tracer™ SC makes it easy for operators to oversee and manage automation within a single building. Tracer ES™ enables enterprise managers to access multiple buildings from a single user interface.

Reduce High Utility Bills

Aging HVAC systems almost certainly demand more energy than they did when they were new. Plus, HVAC equipment and building automation systems have made significant efficiency gains over the past decade. Through a thorough, no-obligation energy analysis called Energy Retrofit Services, Trane discovers where energy is being wasted, what can be done to increase energy efficiency, how much it will cost and how much money will be saved over time. Once the recommended actions have been implemented, building owners typically see a 10- to 20-percent reduction in operating costs.

With a Turnkey HVAC Replacement, Trane project manages the entire chiller or rooftop system upgrade from top to bottom, start to finish.


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