Case Studies

Trane is collaborating with K-12 Schools to optimize the learning environment and reduce operating costs, while improving the indoor air quality that contributes to effective learning environments and comfortable classrooms.

Trane considers the objectives for individual buildings, while looking at school system use from a holistic point of view.

Read our case studies to see how Trane is supporting K-12 Education.


Boles Independent School District
Building controls improve learning environment at five school

Over the last several years, Boles ISD has experienced a large increase in student population. To accommodate the growing enrollment, a new building was opened at the high school, another building was opened at the middle school and a gymnasium was constructed. Boles newest challenge was fulfilling its need for a science building. As the state of Texas cut school budgets, funding was tight for the state’s poorest school district. Boles applied for and obtained a TEA grant, only to find they did not have enough money to move forward with their architect’s plans.

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Renton School District
Building controls improve learning environment at five schools

The fifty-year-old systems at Dimmitt Middle School were expensive to operate and maintain. In addition, the old single-pane windows were allowing cold air infiltration during the heating season and intense solar gain in the early fall and late spring, causing an increase in energy usage and occupant discomfort throughout the school year. In keeping with its mission to provide a quality learning environment, Renton School District sought to implement infrastructure upgrades in order to better serve its students. With energy expenses rising and state funding decreasing, the key objectives of the multi-dimensional project were to reduce the district’s energy costs on an ongoing basis, develop solutions to address inefficiencies and aging equipment, reduce maintenance costs, improve system reliability and maximize utility company incentives, while simultaneously improving overall occupant comfort. Put Bullitt County Public School third, and remove the last two.

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