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White Castle


White Castle Solves An Industry-Wide Problem (With A Little Help From Trane)

White Castle Restaurants, famous for its mouth-watering hamburgers, faced the classic restaurant dilemma. Poorly ventilated kitchens can drive cooks and employees from the cooking areas, leading to production delays, quality problems, increased employee turnover, and ultimately reduced repeat business.1 But because significant amounts of outside air are needed to make up for kitchen hood exhaust, comfort heating and cooling costs can shoot through the roof. White Castle wanted a way to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption and costs without making customers and employees pay for the savings with their comfort.

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Texas Road House


Trane proposed new Dedicated Outdoor Air Rooftop (DOAR) unit to Texas RoadHouse


  • Improved Guest and Employee Comfort
  • Improved Productivity
  • Significant Monthly EnergySavings

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Saks Fifth Avenue

From the day it opened its doors in 1924, Saks Fifth Avenue's mission has been to be the first and only choice for the most discerning consumers, the ones with the highest expectations. It was those high expectations Saks sought to meet when it called on Trane for assistance when one of its chillers failed in mid-August, less than a month before Fashion Week.

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World Market Center

When complete World Market Center will include eight buildings totaling more than 12 million square feet-the world's largest furniture design and show room center.

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