Financial Performance

Energy conservation saves money

Retailers spend nearly $20 billion on energy every year.1

It's a balancing act to manage customer comfort and environmental responsibility while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Save Money with Trane

In new buildings�The financial advantages to working with Trane begin even before the HVAC system is installed. Pre-engineered HVAC solutions help expedite construction schedules: HVAC systems can be uniformly specified, delivered and installed across similar facilities anywhere in North America.

In existing facilities… Energy conservation measures (ECMs) recommended and implemented by Trane can literally transform an operating budget, delivering long-term utility cost savings without compromising comfort or indoor air quality.

Trane engineers can identify your best opportunities to reduce utility costs during a comprehensive energy audit. Whether we're reviewing a single building or your entire enterprise of retail or restaurant locations, Trace™ 700 energy modeling software determines the most cost-effective energy conservation measures for your organization.


Projected Energy Savings

Based on more than 50 years of experience, Trane has found that implementing upgrades to achieve energy performance improvements typically yields the following energy savings:

  • Lighting: Up to 10 – 15 percent
  • Building automation/controls: Up to 5 – 15 percent
  • HVAC upgrade: Up to 5 – 15 percent
  • Chiller plant upgrade: Up to 5 – 15 percent
  • Pump and motor replacements: Up to 5 – 15 percent
  • Comprehensive energy savings projects: Up to 20 – 30 percent



Financing Options

Wondering how to pay for HVAC system installations or upgrades? A variety of financing arrangements are available. Some coincide with store lease arrangements, capital improvement timelines and tax depreciation. In some areas, additional funding may be found in energy-related tax benefits.

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Sustain the Savings

Without proper service and maintenance, the financial advantages delivered by an energy-efficient HVAC system diminish over time. Trane service professionals ensure your system continues to deliver a solid return.

Research has shown that regular maintenance can:

  • Cut unexpected breakdowns by 70 – 75 percent
  • Reduce downtime by 35 – 45 percent
  • Lower equipment repairs and maintenance by 25 – 30 percent
  • Reduce energy consumption by 5 – 20 percent2


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