Rental Applications

Trane Rental Services has an impressive array of HVAC, power generation and compressed air equipment. We can provide a single unit or a combination of units to provide a solution to fit your needs.

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  • Temperature Control

      Water-cooled rental chillers (225–1,000 tons)

      Ideal for large process and comfort cooling applications where adequate power is a concern.







      Air-cooled rental chillers
      (10–500 tons)

      Equipped to provide quick restoration of cooling in emergency and planned shutdown situations.







      Cooling Tower (250–750 tons)

      Used to provide cooling for water-cooled chillers or directly for some process cooling applications.









      Air handling units; AHU
      (5,000 - 25,000 cfm)

      Perfect for providing air conditioning to very large spaces where high efficiency filtering is required.







      Packaged air conditioning units
      (10–50 tons)

      Restore cooling in an emergency or provide cooling for previously unconditioned spaces.





  • Power Generation

      Diesel Generators
      (36-1,500 kW)

      Well-suited for applications that need standby generators when conducting service on existing equipment.





  • Vertical Units

      Vertical units
      (10-30 tons)

      Designed to cool and heat structures where footprint and noise output are a concern.







  • Portable

      Portable units
      (1-5 tons)

       With over 200 Portable stocking locations around the country (the most in the industry) we are there when and where you need us!  Trane carries portable temporary cooling units perfect for server rooms, offices, outdoor events, parties and any place that has lost cooling or needs temporary cooling.  Plus, most Trane locations offer delivery and set up.

      Comfort Cooling

      • Office spaces
      • Customer areas
      • Break rooms

      Process Cooling

      • Manufacturing
      • Food & Beverage

      Moisture Removal

      • Disaster Recovery
      • Construction
      • Equipment





  • Compressed Air

      Air Compressors (800-1,500 cfm)

      These air compressors are easy to install, ensuring your facility’s compressed air system has minimum downtime after an emergency.







      Compressed Air Dryers

      Compressed air dryers help protect compressed air users from water impurities, while improving productivity and system efficiency.