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The Colaborative Learning Center at Jefferson Community College for Mach Architecture

Jefferson Community College

In March of 2012, JCC signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) to promote campus and community awareness of global warming issues and develop ways to mitigate their effects.

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Higher Education

Colleges and universities are a tapestry of old and new buildings, rich in history and vibrant with intellectual optimism. Scientific laboratories, technology centers, residential dormitories, student centers and classrooms play an important role in academic life. In this diverse ecosystem of buildings, it’s not only bricks and mortar that matter. It’s whether you can provide comfortable living and productive learning in an affordable and sustainable manner. Trane’s building solutions help you create a financially strong, environmentally responsible and connected campus.


We’re raising performance across college and university campuses.

Focusing on affordability and financial health by looking deeper into your energy strategy. Trane Energy Services takes a holistic approach to energy supply and demand by navigating energy purchasing strategies, energy sourcing, storage, consumption and overall grid network efficiency.

Leading the way in innovative technologies that optimize buildings for living, learning and research. Trane’s Connected Building Solutions provide the technology that allows you to control buildings better, and to collect and use data to consume energy more efficiently.

Making real sustainability progress so you can meet the values and expectations of your students. We’ll help you lighten your campus carbon footprint with solutions ranging from energy efficient equipment, to renewable energy and power solutions, and Intelligent Services that help you reduce environmental impact and demonstrate results. Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s Climate Commitment.


Learn more about Trane’s innovative solutions for higher education:

EcoWise™ products with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation

Renewable Energy & Power Solutions including distributed energy resource (DER) technologies

Tracer® Ensemble™ integrating the control of multiple buildings and systems into a single interface

Air-Fi™ wireless technology expanding data collection easily throughout existing systems

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning Systems (TCACS) equipping air handlers to reduce biological organisms and improve indoor air quality



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