Upgrading Chilled-Water Systems*

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*Qualifies for 1.5 CE units for USGBC LEED and AIA (HSW,SD) continuing education.

Existing chilled-water systems provide the capability to cool buildings efficiently. Yet there are often ways that these existing systems can be upgraded and improved to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and better serve building occupants and processes. Discussion will include strategies for chiller upgrades, optimization and replacement.

Presenters: Mick Schwedler, Susanna Hanson, Bonnie Spalding

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify specific strategies for chiller upgrades, optimization or replacement.
  • Apply different design strategies (flow rates, temperatures) to determine the opportunities they offer existing systems.
  • Apply the use of variable flow in existing systems.
  • Identify and apply control strategies to optimize and reduce system energy use and lower energy costs.