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DIY Chiller Plant Performance Modeling: Easy and Easier


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Analyzing chilled-water plants and optimizing their performance with building loads is desirable to minimize energy use. However, chiller plant design often is set during the schematic design phase, when there are many unknowns.  This course examines a number of quick analysis tools available that help system designers determine which chilled-water plant design options benefit the building owner and result in efficient system operation.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify key criteria needed for an accurate chiller plant model
  • Summarize various tools available today and the benefits and drawbacks of each
  • Compare results for various tools
  • Explain the methodology used in the latest tool from Trane (myPLV™)


Presentation handouts
Includes presentation slides, presenter biographies, outline and bibliography.

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DIY Chiller Plant Performance Modeling: Easy and Easier

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