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Air-to-Air Energy Recovery (2000)

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  • Item # APP-CMC006-EN
  • Published Oct 1, 2000

This program addresses the available energy-recovery technologies; how they are applied in various systems; whether or not the investment is worth the return; and what works best and why.

Topics include:

  • sensible- versus total-energy recovery
  • effectiveness
  • balanced versus unbalanced airflows
  • coil loops, heat pipes, fixed-plate heat exchangers
  • sensible wheels (heat wheels)
  • total-energy wheels (enthalpy wheels)
  • psychrometric analysis (cooling and heating)
  • equipment downsizing
  • frost prevention
  • capacity modulation
  • VAV systems
  • constant-volume systems
  • dedicated outdoor-air systems (cold and neutral)
  • control modes for all these systems
  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1

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