System Analyzer

System Analyzer is a comparative analysis tool for preliminary evaluations of HVAC systems based on energy and economic performance. Use it to quickly evaluate virtually any combination of air distribution system(s) and cooling/heating equipment for a specific building type and weather location

The intuitive reports and graphs help you evaluate the benefits of prospective system designs, which systems might be appropriate for an initial design, or to get a general idea of how one system-and-equipment combination performs when compared with another.

Preliminary Modeling Functionality
The intuitive user interface provides built-in templates to help even an HVAC novice create a comprehensive, accurate analysis in as little as ten minutes! In fact, System Analyzer was voted Product of the Year 2007 by Consulting-Specifying Engineer. The magazine polled more than 45,000 subscribers and awarded System Analyzer with gold honors in the HVAC category.

System Analyzer includes full integration into the TRACE Family of HVAC design and analysis tools using the same calculations engine as our industry-leading TRACE™ 700. This allows you to easily import preliminary System Analyzer evaluations and HVAC designs into TRACE 700 to further refine models.


The following are highlights of System Analyzer 6.0 beyond the maximized performance and improved efficiency:

  • Integration with TRACE 700. System Analyzer now uses same calculation engine as TRACE 700 providing the benefit of easy import into TRACE 700 for further comprehensive analysis.
  • Streamlined entries. Updated work area and built-in templates make it easy to define a building, weather location and HVAC system.
  • Expanded modeling capabilities. Model make-up air units, heating-only airside systems and buildings with up to five thermal zones.
  • Simplified file sharing. Each .sa file contains all the detail needed for sharing project files eliminating the need for exporting library information.
  • EER units available for defining equipment energy rate. Especially useful for rooftop packaged units.
  • Plant level thermal storage. Offers more flexibilty when defining storage systems.
  • Secondary coil assignment to a separate utility. Users have the ability to assign the preheat coil to consume one utility (for example, hot water) and set the secondary coil to consume a different utility (electric).

Version 6.1.1 contains the following updates:
[SAup611.exe] 1/23/09

  • Fixed issue when importing files into TRACE™ 700
  • Fixed missing custom library information issue
  • Fixed "reject condenser heat" value for ground source heat pump systems


Version 6.1.0 was distributed via CD to all active TRACE 700 customers December, 2008. Version 6.1.0 contains the following items:
[SAup610.exe] 12/01/08

  • Updated program installation and upgrade to Microsoft .Net 2.0 version
  • Added new helical rotary equipment
  • Updated EPA environmental information
  • Updated Base Utility units
  • Changed default schedule for WSHP to "Satisfy Load"


Version 6.0.3 contains the following items:
[SAup603.exe] 05/05/08

  • Added EER units for equipment energy rate
  • Added plant level thermal storage
  • Added ability to assign secondary coil to different utility
  • Added pump list to library reports
  • Added field for entering a description fro Alt 1 during file creation
  • Added "Base Alternative= X" text in Economic Comparison Report
  • Added Fan Cycling schedule for heating only systems
  • Removed infiltration in building interior zone
  • Changed Occupied "Based On" default in building schedules to 100%
  • Changed default static pressure for primary fan in WSHP and VRV systems from 3 to 0.5 in.wg.
  • Changed environmental information for international locations to "No data available"
  • Changed system type "Parallel Fan Powered" to "Parallel Fan Powered w/ Heating Coil on mixing box outlet"
  • Fixed error in metric conversion for U-values
  • Fixed error in metric import value for l/s/person
  • Fixed error in metric conversion of cooling load in cooling controls/details screen
  • Fixed recurring cost issue with Depreciation Life Taxes
  • Fixed issue of some equipment schedules not being recognized when importing into Trace
  • Fixed Heat Recovery rejecting heat assignments
  • Fixed web links from program


Version 6.0.2 contains the following items:
[SAup602.exe] 04/04/07

  • Added units for water utility rates
  • Fixed custom equipment curve issues (some were not being created)
  • Fixed equipment schedule generation when primary was Normal and secondary season was not
  • Fixed Misc Loads reported incorrectly when energy meter was assigned as Purchased Steam.
  • Fixed System 1 and 2 switching of information on reports
  • Fixed Customer Charge in Utility Rates to be applied according to season definitions
  • Fixed blank economic reports
  • Fixed two conversion errors for metric units
  • Fixed "calculatio Failed" error when usign a Strip Mall building type
  • For the import process of version 5 files
  • Fixed issue where weather loacations with a space in the name
  • Fixed import of buildings with "Brick Veneer" as a wall type


To install and run the program you will need: a Pentium® 4 or higher processor, Microsoft Windows® 7/8 operating system, at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM,  and 500 MB of free hard-disk space (750 if Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 is not already installed).