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The legacy TRACE® 700 family of products are no longer available for new purchase but may still be renewed for support and maintenance updates through 2022 (e.g. meaning support and maintenance will cease upon the license anniversary expiration in 2023). The TRACE® 3D Plus family of products is the successor to the TRACE 700 platform.

TRACE 3D Plus Advanced Analytics Cloud Tokens

Cloud tokens may be purchased to perform advanced parametric analyses in TRACE 3D Plus using Trane's powerful AWS cloud services.  TRACE 3D Plus will calculate the tokens necessary to perform each parametric analysis and will show the current active license token balance.  To perform an advanced parametric analysis the active license remaining token balance must exceed the estimated token usage before the study can be performed. More cloud tokens can be purchased at any time for an active TRACE 3D Plus license.

Note: Cloud tokens are not needed for simulating load design or energy analysis alternatives, only for sensitivity and other parametric analyses.

Approximate model size assumptions
Small models are considered less than 75 rooms/zones 
Medium models are considered 75 to 300 rooms/ zones
Large models are considered 300 to 600 room/zones
Very Large models are considered greater than 600 rooms/zones

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