Elite Start™ Services

Make your building work better from the start.

Elite Start™ Services

Get the most out of your energy and HVAC budget with Elite Start™ services from Trane.

Your initial investment in new HVAC equipment represents only 5%–10% of its lifecycle cost. Over time, the cost of operation—particularly what you’ll spend on energy—might add up to 10 to 20 times more than what you originally spent for the equipment.

That’s why it’s crucial to get your system operating at peak performance during its baseline operational period. The right services—conducted by knowledgeable, factory trained and authorized Trane technicians—can mean the difference between an efficiently operating system and one that wastes energy and money over the short and long terms.

Trane Elite Start™ suite of services ensures that your new equipment is properly installed while setting the foundation for efficiency and performance far into its lifecycle.

Our Elite Start™ suite of services includes:

Financial Services

Business owners today face a variety of challenges. Remaining competitive and growing your business often requires the need to modernize facilities and acquire new equipment. Companies will consider a range of issues when determining how to meet these business needs. How a company accommodates the acquisition of new equipment is the focus of Ingersoll Rand Financial Services