Energy Efficiency

Buildings in North America are beginning to show their age. Nearly half of all commercial buildings were constructed before 1980.  While that may not seem all that long ago, advancements in building system technologies over the past few decades have been transformative. Energy efficiency isn’t about one thing. Lighting, heating and cooling can amount to 70 percent of total energy consumption in a typical office building, making these systems ideal targets for energy-saving strategies.

At Trane, we a take a holistic approach to building efficiency. We’ll begin by scrutinizing your energy-related operational costs, which may be much higher than necessary.  We’ll help you think differently about the many ways that buildings could support your business goals, starting with reducing energy costs to strengthen the bottom line.

Trane is an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO) offering digital and analytical tools, engineering expertise and a complete portfolio of distributed energy resources (DER) and energy storage solutions. We are experts at integrating building systems including HVAC systems, building automation, life safety, security, lighting and more. We take a holistic approach to turning aging facilities into modern, sustainable buildings.

And as the leader in Connected Building solutions, Trane is making buildings more efficient and sustainable—and proving the results with documentation that brings greater visibility to your energy programs and environmental profile.