Water-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems

Application Manuals

Order Number: SYS-APM010-EN
Format: Manual
Price: $16.00
Publish Date: 2013

Discusses proper design and application of water-source and ground-source heat pump systems.  

Topics include:

  • Basic system operation
  • Benefits and drawbacks of a WSHP system
  • In-depth coverage of the components that make up the system (water-source heat pump systems, water distribution system, heat rejection and heat addition, dedicated outdoor-air system
  • Solutions to address common design challenges (thermal zoning, ventilation, humidity control, energy efficiency, acoustics)
  • System variations (ground-coupled, surface-water, and ground-water heat pump systems, as well as several hybrid system configurations)
  • Common unit-level and system-level control functions (including system optimization strategies)