Sensible-Cooling Terminal Unit

Part of the CoolSense™ System

These low-height terminal units are part of the Trane CoolSense™ Integrated Outdoor Air System, offering flexible design, efficient operation, comfortable spaces, and low maintenance.


  • Two fan sizes (up to 1300 cfm) equipped with an electronically-commutated motor (ECM), allows the supply airflow to be varied as the zone load changes
  • Conditioned outdoor air from the dedicated OA unit enters the terminal through an airflow-measuring damper for demand-controlled ventilation
  • 2-, 4- or 6-row sensible-cooling coil mounted at the inlet from the ceiling plenum with modulating control valve, drip pan with moisture sensor and optional filter
  • No heat, modulating hot-water heat, staged electric heat, or modulating (SCR) electric heat
  • Factory-mounted Tracer™ UC400 controller (wired or wireless), including demand-controlled ventilation and condensate avoidance
  • Low profile for applications where ceiling space is limited
  • Metal encapsulated edges limit fiberglass insulation erosion into the airstream
  • Full factory-run test on each unit