Integrate lighting and HVAC for greater efficiency.

Addressing lighting more strategically leads to greater savings over time

HVAC and lighting are two of the biggest energy consumers in commercial and industrial buildings. Together they consume approximately 70% of a typical building's energy use. HVAC and lighting also have many similarities in their relationship to building occupancy and use, so it makes sense to manage them holistically to maximize energy conservation. Trane’s lighting professionals are designing systems that can help you save money over the course of many years and we can integrate them with your HVAC systems to create buildings that are more responsive and more responsible.

Trane Energy Contracting

Make the (next) LED upgrade

Most people don't know that not all LEDs are created equally. Some of today's LED solutions are considerably more energy efficient than earlier generations, so if you installed LED lighting more than five years ago (or haven’t made the switch from traditional sources), it’s time to upgrade – and Trane can help.

By leveraging our knowledge and relationships, we can make the change-out more affordable and improve your ROI.

Reach for deeper savings

Simply installing LED bulbs in existing fixtures designed for old light sources does not maximize the energy used to properly light a space. We’re installing lighting technology that uses optics to disburse light more uniformly and effectively, to provide the ideal lighting for any space while using less wattage – all within your budget.

By understanding the science of lighting, Trane can help you reach for deeper energy savings by providing efficacious lighting technology and layering multiple lighting control strategies to maximize the value inherently available with dimmable fixtures, yet often underutilized. By leveraging dimming capabilities to match the needs of your environment, you are not only making your building occupants more comfortable, but could be generating significant energy savings.

Integrate HVAC and lighting control

How can we help you make buildings less complex to manage? By integrating lighting with HVAC controls, simplifying operation by using one set of scheduling for both systems, and increasing energy efficiency with sensors that link comfort and lighting more closely to building use and occupant movement. Leverage the intelligence of both building systems together to create a smarter and more efficient building overall.

Think more strategically about business integration using IOT lighting

We go beyond just simple lighting – to help you reach the next level of insight and flexibility of your building, we can use integrated sensors to provide additional data about how space is being used; for example, tracking shopper traffic patterns in retail settings, guiding people through heavily populated spaces like airports, and managing product movement in warehouses. In healthcare, schools, and office buildings, you can use lighting to balance rest and productivity based on the science of circadian rhythms. No matter what type of space you have, Trane can work with you to design the right lighting solution to give you the most comfortable and flexible environment at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Case Studies

  • Robins Air Force Base

    Trane Sheds Light on Energy Savings With Installation at Robins AFB

  • Sumter County Government

    An economic downturn that resulted in business closings and diminished tax revenues caused Sumter County to defer maintenance on its government buildings.

  • Brookdale Baptist Church

    Although the relatively small Brookdale Baptist Church sits idle most of the week, generally occupied on Sunday and Wednesday for services and classes, its utility costs were significant.

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