Trane Facility Management

A Results-oriented Approach

Our Facility Management Optimization Process is a systematic approach to ensuring that your building assets serve your business objectives, deliver an exceptional return on investment, and serve as a platform for ongoing improvement.


We assess and analyze the facility’s operational performance using Trane’s own assessment and review tools, including energy management tools such as Trane Energy Manager (TEM).


Informed by our findings, we then develop a custom solution in a value-engineered plan that aligns with your objectives for the facility and your business.


Site management, using a unified set of processes and procedures you approve, adds consistency to operations and improves the reliability of critical building systems.


Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) is the foundation of our optimization process, which relies on effective Scheduled Maintenance and applied Predictive Maintenance methods and technologies.


We then compare performance to best-in-class industry standards and to your own internal metrics. These key performance indicators provide a clear picture of the program results and identify areas for ongoing improvement.

The Design and Plan phases are repeated annually to provide you with a truly continuous and living improvement process.

Stay two steps ahead with proactive intelligence

Our proactive approach means we can find and fix potential issues before they disrupt operations and cost you money. With integrated technologies, advanced prognostics, and remote monitoring capabilities at your disposal, it’s like having a team of technicians keeping watch on your facilities around the clock.

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