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Offering greater control and certified sustainability improves retention.

How do you win in a competitive market? Today’s tenants want technology that integrates control over HVAC, lighting, security and more, and makes running the building easy. They need buildings to be more adaptable to changing space requirements, and more accommodating to flexible work schedules. Everyone wants more amenities, yet you have less to spend. Trane’s integrated approach helps you respond to the demands 

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Spend less on energy and more on amenities

If you want to significantly reprioritize spending to offer more value-added features, start with energy. Trane’s holistic approach to energy cost savings considers both supply (how energy is purchased) and demand (how the building consumes it). For example, in connected buildings, we can use data to pinpoint where energy conservation measures could provide the greatest ROI, and where simple operational changes could lead to savings—and then track the results. Supply-side savings result from our strategic energy purchasing expertise in deregulated markets. 

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Expert-led Panel Discussion on Air & Surface Cleaning Technologies for Indoor Environments

We know you have decisions to make when it comes to air and surface cleaning for your building. To assist with these decisions, we have brought together an independent panel of government officials and medical professionals to share their experience with leading edge indoor air and surface cleaning technologies.

Make technology work for you now and in the future

Maintaining consistent comfort in high-occupancy spaces can be challenging, even more so if spaces are reconfigured frequently. Our Connected Building Solutions remove much of the complexity. Reliable wireless technology makes it easy to move sensors around as needed. Building automation that integrates HVAC with lighting and security makes buildings more responsive to actual occupancy, saving energy while improving comfort and safety. And because our technology is built on open platforms like BACnet® you’ll be able to keep your building on the leading edge as the IoT for buildings advances. Today and in the future, you’ll be able make the upgrades you need to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) or gain LEED® and WELL® certifications.

Get the big picture with single-point access

If you operate multiple buildings, we can provide single-point access so you can monitor building systems across your national enterprise or campus. We’ll work with you to set enterprise pricing and contracts, pre-engineer solutions for your building portfolio, and bring consistency to every location. 

Take sustainable buildings to the next level

Today LEED® and ENERGY STAR® are considered starting points. Trane can take you further, with high-efficiency equipment, next-generation refrigerants, and BAS systems and software that make buildings smarter than ever about energy use. Our broad portfolio of Energy Services includes on-site power generation, renewable energy procurement, virtual power purchase agreements—and a lot more. We can even provide expertise in sustainability project financing, like PACE.

Ready for now. Resilient for tomorrow.

As you prepare to reopen your buildings,  we recognize you have a lot of questions. Indoor air quality suddenly matters more than ever. Energy efficiency and sustainability have always mattered. But improving and enhancing building performance requires experience and hands-on expertise. We turn insights and data into an action plan you can move on immediately. So you can plan to reopen your building with confidence— and make it more resilient for tomorrow.

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Top CRE Solutions

When meeting tenant demands gets complicated, come to Trane. We offer a wide range of solutions for commercial buildings. Here are just a few industry favorites. 

11 Madison's Thermal Storage System reduced 1.4M pounds of CO2 emissions. That's the equivalent of taking 130 cars off the road or planting 188 acres of trees.

With the ice plan we were able to lower tenant energy costs by 10% and decrease our carbon emissions

Evin Epstein Assistant Director of Sustainability, SL Green Realty Corp.