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With Trane you can enhance your healthcare facility’s physical environment and improve its financial and clinical performance. Our approach links patient outcomes, staff satisfaction and the bottom line.

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Health Care

Nothing stays the same for long in the healthcare industry: Evolving regulations. New technologies. Changing patient preferences. Patient outcomes will always be the top priority. Today’s concerns range from remaining financially sustainable to establishing resiliency in a state of emergency. Buildings are an important part of your health care system, impacting the quality of care, operating costs, sustainability, community perceptions, compliance, resilience and patient comfort.  With deep, credible health care experience, Trane provides integrated solutions that touch multiple challenges. We’ll help you achieve your goals by making your buildings a stronger asset.

We’re strengthening health care with a holistic approach to buildings

Balancing affordable care and financial goals by looking deeper into your energy strategy. Trane Energy Services takes a comprehensive approach to energy supply and demand. We’re navigating energy purchasing strategies, energy sourcing, storage, consumption and overall grid network efficiency.

Providing digital technologies that simplify compliance. Trane’s Connected Building Solutions allow you to control buildings better, with greater precision and real-time insight. We’re making it easier to stay compliant by maintaining optimal conditions in patient rooms, imaging areas, labs and surgical suites.

Elevating your sustainability profile to improve patient and staff satisfaction. We’ll simultaneously lighten your organization’s carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. Trane’s solutions range from energy efficient products to Intelligent Services that help you reduce environmental impact and demonstrate results. Our financing options provide the funding you need to get started.  

Sustainability is a priority at Trane. Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s Climate Commitment.


Learn more about Trane’s innovative solutions for health care

EcoWise™ products with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation

Renewable Energy & Power Solutions improving emergency resilience by introducing distributed energy resources (DER)

Tracer® Ensemble™ integrating the control of multiple buildings and systems into a single interface

Air-Fi™ wireless technology expanding data collection easily throughout existing systems

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning Systems (TCACS) equipping air handlers to reduce biological organisms and improve indoor air quality