High Performance Schools

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Order Number: APP-APV016-EN
Format: DVD
Price: $30.00
Publish Date: October 2003

This program briefly reviews common attributes of High Performance School initiatives.

Topics include:

  • government initiatives
  • elements of High Performance School programs
  • indoor air quality
  • contaminant source control (location of outdoor air intakes)
  • ventilation (calculating design ventilation rates, demand-controlled ventilation)
  • building moisture control (moisture sources, methods for minimizing moisture problems)
  • improving dehumidification performance of HVAC system (chilled-water terminal systems, single-zone DX systems, central VAV air-handling systems)
  • acoustics in classrooms (ANSI/ASI Standard 12.60, reverberation time, absorption, background sound)
  • lowering background sound of HVAC system (acoustical analysis, attenuation options)
  • challenges of financing educational priorities (capital versus operating budgets, potential sources of funding, life-cycle cost analysis)