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Fundamentals of HVAC Acoustics

Air Conditioning Clinics (Fundamentals Series)

  • Air Conditioning Clinics (Fundamentals Series)
  • $18
  • Item # TRG-TRC007-EN
  • Published Jun 1, 2018

Discussion of the fundamental concepts of HVAC acoustics as it applies to buildings and HVAC systems.  

Topics include:

  • Sound waves and frequency
  • Broadband sound and tones
  • Octave bands and one-third octave bands
  • Sound power and sound pressure
  • Decibels and loudness
  • A-weighting
  • Noise Criteria (NC) and Room Criteria (RC)
  • Sones and phons
  • Acoustical analysis procedure
  • Source-path-receiver model
  • Computerized analysis tools
  • Attenuation and regeneration
  • Sound transmission
  • Sound absorption
  • Sound reflection
  • Room effect
  • Equipment sound rating
  • Free field
  • Reverberent field
  • Semireverberent field
  • Industry rating standards
  • Reverberent room method
  • ARI Standard 260

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